[AUDITORY] Digital Music Research Network workshop (DMRN+8): 17 December 2013, QMUL (mathieu barthet )

Subject: [AUDITORY] Digital Music Research Network workshop (DMRN+8): 17 December 2013, QMUL
From:    mathieu barthet  <mathieu.barthet@xxxxxxxx>
Date:    Fri, 11 Oct 2013 15:11:36 +0100

Dear Music & Science people, The Digital Music Research Network (DMRN+8) will take place in London on 17= December 2013. Should you be interested to submit a contribution to this o= ne-day workshop, please send us abstracts by *15 November 2013*. The abstra= cts (maximum 1 page of A4) have to be sent by email to: dmrn@xxxxxxxx= k Thanks for forwarding the information to colleagues and other researchers w= ho may be interested. Best wishes, Panos. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------= ----------- =20 *** CALL FOR CONTRIBUTIONS *** DMRN+8: Digital Music Research Network 1-Day Workshop 2013 Arts One Lecture Theatre Queen Mary University of London 17 December 2013 =20 http://c4dm.eecs.qmul.ac.uk/dmrn/events/dmrnp8/ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------= ----------- Digital music is an important and fast-moving research area. Sophisticated = digital tools for the creation, generation and dissemination of music have = established clear synergies between music and leisure industries, the use o= f technology within art, the creative industries and the creative economy. = Digital music research is emerging as a "transdiscipline" across the usual = academic boundaries of computer science, electronic engineering and music. The Digital Music Researh Network (DMRN) aims to promote research in the ar= ea of Digital Music, by bringing together researchers from UK universities = and industry in electronic engineering, computer science, and music. DMRN will be holding its next 1-day workshop on ** Tuesday 17 December 2013 ** The workshop will include invited and contributed talks, and posters will b= e on display during the day, including during the lunch and coffee breaks. The workshop will be an ideal opportunity for networking with other people = working in the area. There will also be an opportunity to continue discussi= ons after the Workshop in a nearby Pub/Restaurant. =20 * Call for Contributions =20 You are invited to submit a proposal for a talk and/or a poster to be prese= nted at this event. =20 TALKS may range from the latest research, through research overviews or sur= veys, to opinion pieces or position statements, particularly those likely t= o be of interest to an interdisciplinary audience. Most talks will be 20 to= 30 minutes, although there may be some flexibility to accommodate other le= ngths depending on the number of submissions. Short announcements about oth= er items of interest (e.g. future events or other networks) are also welcom= e. =20 POSTERS can be on any research topic of interest to the members of the netw= ork. Posters (A0 portrait) will be on display through the day, including lu= nch break and coffee breaks. =20 The abstracts of presentations will be collated into a digest and distribut= ed on the day, and authors will be encouraged to submit an electronic versi= ons of posters (e.g. in PDF format) to allow the posters to be viewed after= the event. =20 * Submission =20 Please submit your talk or poster proposal in the form of an abstract (maxi= mum 1 page of A4) in an email to dmrn@xxxxxxxx giving the following = information about your presentation: * Authors * Title * Abstract * Preference for talk or poster (or "no preference"). =20 Abstract submission deadline: Friday 15 November 2013. * Deadlines * 15 Nov 2013: Abstract submission deadline * 29 Nov 2013: Notification of acceptance * 6 Dec 2013: Early Bird Registration deadline=20 * 17 Dec 2013: DMRN+8 Workshop * Keynote Speaker TBD For further information, visit: http://c4dm.eecs.qmul.ac.uk/dmrn/events/dmrnp8/ For past events, visit the websites from: DMRN+7, DMRN+6, DMRN+5, DMRN+4, DMRN+3, DMRN+2, DMRN+1 I look forward to seeing you in London in December! Best wishes, Panos Kudumakis

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