Re: [AUDITORY] National Hearing Test ("Watson, Charles S." )

Subject: Re: [AUDITORY] National Hearing Test
From:    "Watson, Charles S."  <watson@xxxxxxxx>
Date:    Tue, 29 Oct 2013 13:28:32 +0000

Dear Pierre, We agree that if we want hearing professionals to endorse or otherwise supp= ort the National Hearing Test that we ought to let them try it without the = normal fee. [The fee is required if the test is to remain nonprofit and ind= ependent of any commercial ties.] We have done that in the initial launch r= egion (greater Indianapolis metro area) by sending Access Codes to all area= audiologists and otolaryngologists. Exactly how to do that on a national = scale was not clear. We are juggling a modest NIH grant budget for this la= unch, and there is are charges to us for every call that is made. So we we= re hesitant to attempt to send free Access Codes to all the members of ASHA= , AAA, and ASA. =20 How is this for an alternative? Email us at info@xxxxxxxx and put the words "Hearing Professional" in t= he subject line. In the body give your professional affiliation (Hearing C= linic, Research Center, Academic Dept, etc.). We will respond with an Acce= ss Code and the toll-free number so that you can then call and take the tes= t without charge. We hope people will appreciate our request to limit this= use to calls needed to familiarize=20 themselves with the test. =20 Thanks, Pierre Chuck=20

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