[AUDITORY] Waiver of fee for members of the Auditory List, for National Hearing Test ("Watson, Charles S." )

Subject: [AUDITORY] Waiver of fee for members of the Auditory List, for National Hearing Test
From:    "Watson, Charles S."  <watson@xxxxxxxx>
Date:    Wed, 30 Oct 2013 16:12:25 +0000

Dear Pierre, (This was sent earlier, but did not seem to make it to the List server.) We agree that if we want hearing professionals to endorse or otherwise supp= ort the National Hearing Test that we ought to let them try it without the = normal fee. [The fee is required if the test is to remain nonprofit and ind= ependent of any commercial ties.] We have done that in the initial launch r= egion (greater Indianapolis metro area) by sending Access Codes to all area= audiologists and otolaryngologists. Exactly how to do that on a national = scale was not clear. We are juggling a modest NIH grant budget for this la= unch, and there is are charges to us for every call that is made. So we we= re hesitant to attempt to send free Access Codes to all the members of ASHA= , AAA, and ASA. =20 We have settled on the following alternative: =20 Members of the List can Email us at info@xxxxxxxx and put the words "Hearing Professional" in t= he subject line. In the body give your professional affiliation (Hearing C= linic, Research Center, Academic Dept, etc.). We will respond with an Acce= ss Code and the toll-free number so that you can then call and take the tes= t without charge. We hope people will appreciate our request to limit this= use to calls needed to familiarize themselves with the test. The offer ma= y be extended to colleagues who are not List members, but have a clinical o= r scientific interest in hearing. Thanks, Pierre Chuck=20

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