[AUDITORY] Position at University of Colorado Boulder (Kathryn H Arehart )

Subject: [AUDITORY] Position at University of Colorado Boulder
From:    Kathryn H Arehart  <Kathryn.Arehart@xxxxxxxx>
Date:    Thu, 31 Oct 2013 14:05:30 -0600

A full-time research associate position is available in the Hearing Researc= h Laboratory at the University of Colorado Boulder to work with Dr. Kathryn= Arehart and Mr. James Kates and collaborators on topics related to auditor= y perception and hearing aids. The position is supported by grants from the= National Institutes of Health (NIDCD) and the hearing-aid industry. The po= sition involves cognitive and auditory testing as well as hearing-aid fitti= ng and outcomes measurement in older adults with hearing impairment. Our pr= ogram of research considers variability in speech understanding among older= listeners; how cognition contributes to that variability; and the extent t= o which those issues can be addressed with specific hearing aid signal-proc= essing strategies. We also work on the development of objective metrics for= the prediction of sound quality and speech intelligibility with hearing ai= ds. The successful candidate will have an AUD and/or PhD in a field related= to auditory or cognitive science (audiology, psychology, engineering, gero= ntology, etc.), as well as strong communication and organizational skills. = The candidate will participate in all phases of research including experime= ntal design, participant recruitment and testing, data collection and analy= sis, grant administration, supervision of student research assistants, and = dissemination of results at scientific conferences and in research publicat= ions. Direct experience with hearing aids is strongly desired. The position is initially supported for one year. Additional years of suppo= rt may be available contingent on satisfactory progress and availability of= grant funds. Mentorship in grant writing will be available for candidates = who wish to seek independent funding. Salary is commensurate with NIH post-= doctoral stipend levels. The position is housed within the Speech, Language, Hearing Sciences Depart= ment on the Boulder campus. The Department has strong ties with the Univers= ity of Colorado neuroscience and cognitive science programs as well as the = audiology department at the University of Colorado Hospital in Denver. =20 More information is available http://www.jobsatcu.com:80/postings/73887 .

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