[AUDITORY] 1 Year funded position (Christopher Lee Bennett )

Subject: [AUDITORY] 1 Year funded position
From:    Christopher Lee Bennett  <c.bennett@xxxxxxxx>
Date:    Mon, 4 Nov 2013 11:31:16 -0500

Dear colleagues, We have a job opening up starting in January in sunny Miami, FL that inco= rporates programming,=20 audio processing, databases, and rehabilitation. We have a great team her= e and an environment=20 that is stimulating and fun to work in. I am posting the job description= below. Please contact me=20 with any inquiries or CVs. The position is ideally for a PhD candidate, = post-doc, or equivalent, but=20 all applicants will be considered! Seeking Collaborative and Transformative Research Personnel=20 The Music Engineering Technology Program and the University of Miami is c= onducting highly=20 collaborative research with cross-over in Biomedical Engineering and Phys= ical Therapy. For this=20 funded position, we are seeking a candidate with an interest in audio and= electronics, who can=20 direct several projects, and with a strong programming background. This i= s a 1 year position with=20 potential for extension. Where: University of Miami in Coral Gables, FL When: =09Jan-Dec 2014 Skills: =09C/C++ required but Objective-C preferred; Strong signal proces= sing or MATLAB; Mobile=20 =91app=92 development; Database (PostgreSQL) management; Interest in athl= etics. ------------ Christopher L. Bennett, Ph.D. Research Assistant Professor Music Engineering Technology Frost School of Music University of Miami bennett@xxxxxxxx | 305-284-1275

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