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Subject: Fwd: Matlab Rhythmogram Code
From:    Kevin Austin  <kevin.austin@xxxxxxxx>
Date:    Tue, 19 Nov 2013 23:39:00 -0500

Begin forwarded message: From: David Hirst <dhirst0@xxxxxxxx> Subject: Matlab Rhythmogram Code Date: 2013 November 19 at 7:32:04 PM EST Hi All, In recent analyses, I've become engaged with time considerations more closely. As a result I have been studying the work of Neil Todd et al on the use of rhythmograms, e.g.. the article: Todd, N. P. M., & Brown, G. J. (1996). Visualization of rhythm, time and metre. Artificial Intelligence Review, 10, 253273. I have searched quite a number of the Matlab Auditory toolboxes for an implementation of their Rhythmogram model, and I have even found some pictures created by one of the students at Sheffield University showing various examples of Rhythmograms plots, but I have not discovered a Matlab implementation of the model that is publicly available. While I do possess some programming skills, I am basically a musician, and my mathematics training is really only to 1st yr university level (and that was decades ago). Although I have studied and studied the equations of the model, my chances of being able to implement it myself from first principles are virtually nil. So I am writing to enquire whether any list members may know of any publicly available Matlab code for the rhythmogram technique? Please reply privately, off-list to David Hirst <dhirst0@xxxxxxxx>, as I am not a member of this list. Thanks in advance, David Assoc Prof David Hirst, PhD Honorary Principal Fellow School of Contemporary Music Faculty of the VCA and Melbourne Conservatorium of Music 234 St Kilda Road Southbank, Vic 3006 Australia http://davidhirstmusic.wordpress.com

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