Re: ioLab Response Box (Mark Wibrow )

Subject: Re: ioLab Response Box
From:    Mark Wibrow  <ucjt276@xxxxxxxx>
Date:    Thu, 5 Dec 2013 06:30:48 +0000

Hi, Lincoln Smith who (I believe) is the founder of ioLab systems, popped up on the PsyScope mailing list last year (, inviting people to email lincolns@xxxxxxxx However, in my case it required repeated e-mails over many weeks to get a response and - even after payment had been made - to actually get an iolab box. In addition, the box was faulty, worked intermittently, and finally not at all, and more e-mails over the last year have not had any response. Of course, other people's experiences may differ and the iolab box may in general work fine. Regards Mark On 04/12/13 21:01, Kathryn H Arehart wrote: > Greetings, > > I need to procure an ioLab Response Box for some experiments I am > initiating in my lab. I have tried repeatedly (to no avail) to order > one directly from ioLab. Because those efforts have not produced any > results, I would like to find out if anyone has a spare button box from > ioLab that they might be interested in selling. And if you have any > tips about how to actually procure one from ioLab directly, Id > appreciate that input too. > > Regards, > > Kathy Arehart > > Kathryn.arehart@xxxxxxxx > > University of Colorado Boulder > -- Mark Wibrow PhD candidate Department of Speech Hearing and Phonetic Sciences University College London Room 326, Chandler House 2 Wakefield Street LONDON WC1N 1PF United Kingdom

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