PhD studentship, Queen's University Belfast (Trevor Agus )

Subject: PhD studentship, Queen's University Belfast
From:    Trevor Agus  <t.agus@xxxxxxxx>
Date:    Wed, 1 Jan 2014 15:08:20 +0000

Dear List, I'm pleased to announce that applications are open for a PhD studentship on "Developing an Auditory Processing Screening Test for Pre-schoolers" with a goal of spotting students at risk of developing language and literacy difficulties (e.g., dyslexia) before they have learnt to read or write. The deadline for applications is 7th February, 2014, but get in touch with Tim Fosker (t.fosker@xxxxxxxx) or myself first. A more detailed description of the project and other relevant information can be found via Please pass this information on to students who might be interested. Thanks, Trevor ====================================== Trevor Agus Sonic Arts Research Centre Queen's University Belfast ======================================

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