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roughness/dissonance model

Does anyone know of a computer implementation of roughness or sensory
dissonance that is publicly available and based on one or more of the
following papers?

Aures, W. (1985). Ein Berechnungsverfahren der Rauhigkeit. Acustica,
58, 268-281.
Hutchinson, W. & Knopoff, L. (1978). The acoustical component of
western consonance. Interface, 7, 1-29.
Kameoka, A. & Kuriyagawa, M. (1969). Consonance theory, part II:
Consonance of complex tones and its calculation method. Journal of
the Acoustical Society of America, 45, 1451-1459.
Plomp, R., & Levelt, W.J.M. (1965). Tonal consonance and critical
bandwidth. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 38, 548-560.
Terhardt, E. (1974). On the perception of periodic sound fluctuations
(roughness). Acustica, 30, 201-213.

I'm thinking in terms of a program that inputs the frequencies and
amplitudes, and perhaps also the phases, of the partials of a
steady-state complex sound, and outputs a single roughness/dissonance

Richard Parncutt