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Re: Segregation with neural nets

>I'm searching for literature on algorithms of sound segregation.
>Tried somebody to use neural nets ?.
>With best regards, Bernhard.

The only neural net work in this area that I am aware of is the

T.Gramms and H.W. Strube (1990) Recognition of isolated words based
on psychoacoustics and neurobiology. Speech communication 9, 35-40

which presents a neural network architecture that is apparently able
to recognize simultaneously spoken words. You could also look at the
work of Malsberg:

C. von der Malsberg and W.Schneider (1986) A neural cocktail-party
processor. Biological cybernetics, 54, 29-40

although this concerns biological neural nets rather than artificial
neural nets. I can send you a copy of my thesis if you want, but its
not really very neural-netlike!

Guy Brown