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ICAD '94

ICAD '94:  Preliminary Announcement

We are pleased to announce that the Santa Fe Institute will support
the second International Conference on Auditory Display.  This notice
is a preliminary announcement of the conference.  A formal call for
papers will be issued in September, 1993.

ICAD '94
The Second International Conference on Auditory Display
November, 1994
Santa Fe, New Mexico  U.S.A.
Sponsored by the Santa Fe Institute

ICAD '94 Steering Committee
Jay Jackson
Gregory Kramer (Chair)
Stuart Smith
Elizabeth Wenzel

Review Committee:
James Ballas
Nat Durlach
William Gaver
Jay Jackson
Gregory Kramer
Elizabeth Mynatt
Carla Scaletti
Julius Smith
Stuart Smith
Elizabeth Wenzel
Sheila Williams

Continuing the work of the the successful ICAD '92 meeting in October
1992, ICAD '94 will be held in Santa Fe, New Mexico, U.S.A., in
November 1994.

ICAD is a forum for presenting research on the use of sound to display
data, monitor systems, and provide enhanced user interfaces for
computers and virtual reality systems.  It is unique in its singular
focus on auditory displays, and the array of perception, technology,
and application areas that this encompasses. Research areas covered by
ICAD include:

*       Auditory exploration of data via sonification (data controlled sound)
and audification (audible playback of data samples)
*       Real Time monitoring of multi-variate data
*       Sound in Immersive Interfaces (Virtual Reality) and Teleoperation
*       Perceptual issues in Auditory Display
*       Sound in generalized computer interfaces
*       Technologies supporting Auditory Display creation
*       Data handling for Auditory Display systems
*       Applications of Auditory Display

Included within each of these areas of inquiry are many issues
concerning application, theory, hardware/software, and human factors.
Integration with speech-audio implementations and with graphical
display techniques and their concomitant perception issues also pose
significant problems in each area.

Some of the areas of application covered at ICAD '92 were:
Comprehending complex, high dimensional systems
Telepresence and Virtual Reality
Interfaces for the vision impaired
Chemistry data display for blind users
Parallel computation analysis
General user interfaces for vision impaired persons
Monitoring background processes

ICAD '94 will be a single track conference.  Attendance is open to
all, with no membership or affiliation requirements.

For more information please contact:

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You may also contact:
ICAD '94
The Santa Fe Institute
1660 Old Pecos Trail
Santa Fe, New Mexico  87501

or Gregory Kramer:  kramer@santafe.edu