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Fellowship in Music Cognition

This appeared on our department bulletin board, and I thought I would share
it with any interested people.  Note, I have no affiliation with
University of Nottingham, so asking me questions about the fellowship is

Gregory J. Sandell  (sandell@epunix.sussex.ac.uk)
Lab. of Experimental Psychology, University of Sussex
Brighton BN1 9QG England  +44-273-678058

University of Nottingham
University Studentship in Music Cognition

The University of Nottingham has made available a research studentship
in the area of music cognition.  The studenship is tenable starting
October 1993 and will be for research in the Departments of Psychology
and Music.  The supervisors will be Professor Geoffrey Underwood and
professor Robert Pascall.

Candidates with interests in any area of music cognition may apply, and
the joint supervisors have a particular interest in the phenomenon of
musical chunking.  Candidates must hold, or expect to hold, a first
class or upper second class honours degree in either Psychology of
Music.  The successful candidate will be registered for three years of
fulltime study for the degree of PhD.  The value of the award is
curently #4800 (plus fees) per annum.  Candidates should apply with an
application form which is available from:  he Department Secretary,
Department of Psychology, University of Nottingham, Nottingham NG7 2RD.