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Re: Audio caracteristics better than visual.

> We're looking for any kind of work on human perception to find
> characteristics of the auditory system that are better than the
> visual system.


>From extensive reading of the literature in both auditory and visual
perception, we at Sheffield are gradually coming round to the idea that
the auditory system is considerably better adapted than the visual system
at detecting small variations in air pressure, as might be caused for
example by the action of a drawing a bow across a taught violin string.

The visual system, on the other hand, appears to have a greater ability
to detect and differentiate between a limited range of frequencies of
electromagnetic radiation at various intensities, as might be generated
for example, by passing an electric current through a filament enclosed
in a vacuum.

I hope this helps?

Have fun :-)



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Sorry, couldn't resist it, especially as somebody else encouraged me!