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ICPR-12/Signal-Processing Tutorials

Dear list members:
  The following information about the signal-processing sub-
conference of the International Conferences on Pattern Recognition
to take place in Israel.  If any of you have any thoughts on this,
you could reply to either me or to David Malah
  - Al Bregman

------------------------------- Original Message -------------------------------

Dear PC member,

I sent out to you today, via airmail, an envelope containing a variety
of posters/fliers concerning the general ICPR-12 and the
Signal-Processing Conference.

As I have requested in my earlier e-mail, please post them in your
institute, send to colleagues, etc.

Below you'll find some general information about the conference
location, travel, etc. This information is included also in the material
I sent you (at the back of some of the posters).

I would like to consult with you on the following matter:
The general chairmen have informed me that it is planned to have
half day tutorials before the conference begins (probably two for each
sub-conference). I was asked to suggest subjects for two such tutorials.
Could you please propose a topic or two for such a tutorial that in
your opinion is timely and would attract people to attend. Also, if
you yourself would like to give such a tutorial, that will be most
welcome if the topic is approved by the general chairmen.
There will be, of course,  an appropriate renumeration (e.g., in the
form of free accommodation, a percentage of the participants registration
fee - if a sufficient number are attending, etc.). Even if you yourself
would not like to give such a half-day tutorial, it would be very
helpful if you could suggest a colleague that you recommend that we
ask him to do that.

I hope to have your cooperation in this important matter. Also, if you
have not responded yet to my earlier request to explicitly define the
topic(s) on which you would be willing to do the review of submitted
papers, please do so.

Finally, I would be leaving on Sunday for the US for a three months Summer
visit at AT&T Bell Labs. Please continue to send you e-mail response to
the current address in Israel, until I'll establish a US e-mail address.
In any case mail arriving to the Technion will be forwarded to the US address.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation and help,

David Malah




The conference will be held at the Jerusalem Renaissance Hotel, Jerusalem.
This hotel is the largest convention hotel complex in Jerusalem and it offers
5-star facilities and services.


The Conference will be conducted in English.


An exhibition will be held within the framework of the conference.


Residents of most countries do not need entry visas to Israel, but we suggest
that you check this with your travel agent.  Participants requiring visas
should apply directly to the nearest Israeli Consulate, approximately
3 months prior to the conference.  This will enable obtaining the visa ahead
of time.  This procedure is highly recommended in order to ensure smooth
flight arrangements.


October is warm and pleasant during the day and cool in the evenings.
Average temperatures: 14 degrees C - 25 degrees C
(59 degrees - 76 degrees F).
Dress will be informal for all occasions.  A light coat may be necessary for
the evenings.
Comfortable walking shoes, head coverings and bathing suits are also


International Travel & Congresses Ltd.
P.O.Box 29313
61292, Tel-Aviv, ISRAEL
Tel: 972-3-5102538  Fax: 972-3-660604  Tlx: 371767 INTVL IL
International Travel & Congresses Ltd., is the official travel agent for the
conference and will provide all the necessary tourist services to
International Travel & Congresses Ltd. will assist participants with travel
arrangements, accommodation, rent-a-car, and pre- and post-conference
sightseeing tours as well as any other tourism requirements participants may
Special hotel rates will be available to participants.


12th ICPR
10 Rothschild Blvd.
65121 Tel-Aviv, ISRAEL
Tel: +972\ 3\ 5102538
Fax: +972\ 3\ \ 660604
Tlx: 371767 INTVL IL