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Net AD... how to stop

subject:Net AD... how to stop                       date:
                                                         8/23/93   time:6:24
There are some opinions being aired in this group in support of not getting
commercial junk email, and people are posting to auditory to remove their
name from this Net AD... mailing list.  I don't know for a fact, but I think
one needs to voluntarily subscribe to get on their list--HOWEVER the fact
that they have posted to this group, and probably many others as well, for
the purpose of advertising a commercial product (a list, for which fees are
charged to sellers) may be in violation of Internet rules.

But the main reason I'm writing is to say that posting to this group asking
to be removed from these folk's mailing list PROBABLY is a waste of time, and
those interested in communicating their wishes to not be on their list (or to
complain) may want to reply only to the original advertisement.