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Re: Net AD... how to stop

We can add a bit of certainty to Bob's message...

The mail from the Net ADvertiser was a rather naughty piece of free
publicity for a service which you would have to join, and whose
priviliges we will not be benefitting from directly on this list(!) :-)
There is no need to ask on this list to be taken off the Net Ad list...
and all in all there's no need to panic.

It is, however, the first piece of blatant-commercial-junk-Email I've
seen and I suggest that anybody who feels strongly about this sort of
thing take up the issue with the Internet regulators (no idea how to
contact them), of with the company directly.

Unfortunately, one of the side-effects of this sort of mail is that it
can generate a whole load more "junk" mail discussing the effects,
implications etc. of the original posting... not that I'm especially
bothered by it -- I enjoy humorous "junk" mail in particular, for
example -- it just seems a bit ironic.

Have fun,



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