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Re: IPA in Latex?

> Does anyone out there know how to put International Phonetic Alphabet
> symbols into Latex?
> Leslie Smith, Department of Computing Science, University of
> Stirling, Scotland FK9 4LA

I can't help with Latex IPA fonts, but it occurs to me that others who
are interested in IPA for the Macintosh may not know about TechPhonetic
font.  It contains most of the IPA characters, I believe (I'm no
phoenetician, so I can't give an informed opinion on its completeness).

I'll bet it's available from sumex.stanford.edu by ftp, and I encourage
any interested parties to look there.  If anybody is really desperate to
get it and knows how to decode a binhex file I might be able to send it
over email.

Gregory J. Sandell  (sandell@epunix.sussex.ac.uk)
Experimental Psychology, University of Sussex
Brighton BN1 9QG England  +44-273-678058