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International Conference on Pattern Recognition

Dear Auditory members,

    Some time ago, I announced a call on the Auditory list for papers
for the  International Conference on Pattern Recognition, Oct.9-13 in
Jerusalem.  The Signal Processing subconference intends to have one
or more sessions on auditory scene analysis (I take this to be the
more general topic of auditory pattern recognition).  Papers could
involve computational models, acoustical analyses, or perceptual
research on people or, I presume, on animals.  This would be a good
chance to bring the area of auditory pattern perception to the
attention of the pattern recognition research community.

Other subconferences to be held at the same time are Computer vision
and image processing, Pattern recognition and neural networks, and
Parallel computing.   The conferences will be conducted in English.
Israel's weather at that time of year is warm and pleasant during the
day and cool in the evenings.

Paper submission deadline is Feb.4, 1994,  The manuscript should
1.  A summary page indicating: that it is submitted to the "Signal
Processing Conference"; what the paper is about; what its original
contribution is; and whether it describes an application to be
reviewed by the Applications subcommittee.

2.  The paper, limited to 4000 words

People to contact for further information:

David Malah, organizer of the Signal-processing conference,:

General information (secretariat):

Auditory pattern perception, Al Bregman:

or in09@musicb.mcgill.ca

I would like to hear from people who are thinking of presenting
papers, in order to see whaat kinds of topics might be represented.
(there would be no commitment on your part at this time).

Remember, even if your topic is not auditory scene analysis but falls
under the general topic of auditory pattern recognition, which I take
to be the general subject matter of the AUDITORY list, I would urge
you to present a paper.

Best wishes,

Al Bregman