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International Conference on Pattern Recognition


I hope you are enjoying Palo Alto.  I was there last month wishing I could stay
longer!  I have been working on material for a paper for the International
Conference on Pattern Recognition on and off for most of this calendar year.
I even brought a bunch of data on the PowerBook which accompanied me on my
trip, and I am now banging out a draft.

My working title is "In Search of Musical Objects."  I am interested in the
extent to which one can identify points in the temporal stream which may be
interpreted as boundaries between "objects" when one is listening to music.
I chose, as my point of departure, some use Peter Desain has made of
autocorrelation in analyzing the structure of expressive performance
of rhythms.  I have been applying his technique to both score and performance
data in a variety of ways and have come up with some results which seem to jive
rather nicely with a Lerdahl-Jackendoff-like metrical structure analysis.  Is
this likely to be of interest?