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Free Educational Software

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Contributed by: Kurt Kosbar <kk@ee.umr.edu>


                             P. C. CONVOLUTION

P.C. convolution is a educational software package that graphically
demonstrates the convolution operation.  It runs on IBM PC type computers
using DOS 4.0 or later.  It is currently being used in schools of Mathematics,
Electrical Engineering, Earth Sciences, Aeronautics, Astronomy, Geophysics,
and (believe it or not) Experimental Psychology.

Anyone may download a demonstration version of this software via anonymous
ftp from (file name /pub/pc_conv.zip)

University instructors my obtain a free, fully operational version by
contacting Dr. Kurt Kosbar at the address listed below.

Dr. Kurt Kosbar
117 Electrical Engineering Building, University of Missouri - Rolla
Rolla, Missouri, USA 65401, phone: (314) 341-4894
e-mail:  kk@ee.umr.edu