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missing fundamental

To: P. Janata and interested colleagues,
RE: Missing fundamental

  I see that my colleague Richard Parncutt beat me to it in giving you
the reference to my work (thank you for the publicity, Richard!) on the
missing fundamental. We did find pretty clear evidence for a specific
role for the right primary auditory region (and surrounding cortex)
in perception of the missing fundamental. This was in accord with an old
study of Whitfield (JASA, 1980, 67, 644-647), though not, of course in
terms of hemispheric differences. We are now continuing and refining the
work with better definition (via brain imaging) of the precise region
of auditory cortex that has been damaged, for we have not been able to
determine if the koniocortex itself is the most important region.
  We have also continued some of this research with a patient who has
bilateral vascular lesions of the primary auditory cortices, to be
presented at the society for Neuroscience (Bharucha, Tramo, and Zatorre,
SN abstracts, 1993, p. 1687, abs. number 693.4).
  Two other abstracts are being presented that are also quite relevant:
the first deals with neuromagnetic recordings in humans (Langner et al.,
SN abstracts, 1993, p.1423, number 581.11); the other deals with unit
recordings in the monkey's auditory cortex (Riquimaroux et al., p. 1423,
number 581.12).
  Hope this information was useful.
  Robert Zatorre
  Montreal Neurological Institute