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Re: Lejaren Hiller has died

I met Jerry Hiller in 1974, having read his pioneering book on
computer composition (there was no computer synthesis yet, at that
time). His broad knowledge of just about everything (he started
out as a chemist), his enthusasm, and his humor have made me an
instant fan of his. As I was asked to organize a special session,
at the 1975 Austin ASA meeting, on auditory organization from
the psychoacoustic, speech, and musical points of view, I could
not think of a better representative of the musical-scientific
community than Jerry. He came and gave an interesting and definitely
personal talk -- his first and, if I am correct, only appearance
at an ASA meeting. It was the last time I saw him. His old
friend and colleague, Jim Beauchamp told me about a year ago
of Jerry suffering from Alzheimer's disease. Recalling his
keen intellect, I am certain of just how much he must have suffered.

Bye, Jerry, wherever you are! I will look for your book (it must
be quite dusty by now -- computer music has changed a lot since 1965),
just to see how it all started.

Pierre Divenyi