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Dear auditory members,

I am planning to the ASA requesting that they give members the option
of not receiving the journal, and paying an appropriately reduced
membership fee. Rationale:

(1) JASA is readily available in most university libraries.

(2) Many members read only a small fraction of each issue.

(3) JASA takes up a lot of space in a lot of peoples' offices.

(4) Waste management: As paper products go, JASA is relatively
environmentally friendly, but it is bulky all the same.

If you want your name to be included at the foot of the letter as a
member in favor of this idea, please send me a short email message,

Also, if you have comments on this letter, it may be expedient to
write to me privately.  I will summarize any comments in a future
letter to the list.

Richard Parncutt