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Re: pitch tracking

        I am extremely interested in the issue of pitch tracking addressed
recently by Charles Tassoni--specifically, tracking a monophonic vocal or
instrumental melody (polyphony opens a whole new can of worms!) I am in
the process of creating a Windows-based program that will process a WAV
file and produce a graphic output representing frequency (vertically) by
time (horizontally) in relation to a piano keyboard located on the
leftmost portion of the screen.  I have studied the algorithms suggested
by Rabiner, et al.  My question is this:  are there relatively reliable
algorithms that are not as computationally intensive as the Rabiner
model?  I am attempting to create a program that will be useful for
illustrative purposes on a typical PC (i.e. 486 processor @ 33 MHz)
without requiring 10 minutes of computation to calculate the results of a
15 second melody.  Any ideas?

                        Thanks in advance!
                        Scott Lipscomb