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Mac-based sound tools

Subject:  Mac-based sound tools
Mark DeWitt asks about Macintosh-based sound editing and analysis tools.  At
the risk of betraying personal bias, I have to mention the company I work
for.  Sonic Solutions (San Rafael, CA) makes a Mac-based digital audio
workstation consisting of both hardware and software.  It offers all the
features you mention, with the exception of pitch tracking.  For more
information, call (415)485-4800.  And, for the sake of balance, I'll mention
a competitor: Digidesign, based in Menlo Park, CA, also makes a
hardware/software system.  Their number is (415)688-0600.

I would also recommend DSP Designer, a package of Macintosh software from
Zola Technologies in Atlanta.  It provides signal analysis tools, filter
design and varous other features.  It must be run from within the Macintosh
Programmer's Workshop (MPW), which can be purchased from Apple.  Zola's
number is (404)843-2972 (unless it has changed since 1989).