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RA Posts at Sheffield

University of Sheffield
Department of Computer Science


Two research associate posts are available in the Speech and Hearing research
group from October 1994. These contracts are associated with grants from the UK
Engineering and Physical Science Research Council. Appointments will be made on
the UK RA1A scale, with a starting salary of around 15K pounds p/a. Candidates
should have a PhD or equivalent research experience in a relevant area.

Post 1: 18-month contract on an existing research grant 'Interpreting auditory
images using primitive and schema-driven grouping principles', which develops
from established work at Sheffield in computational auditory scene analysis.
Experience in auditory processing would be an advantage.

Post 2: 36-month contract on a new grant 'Robust signal processing and
recognition for occluded speech', which will address the problem of recognising
speech evidence which has been segregated from an auditory scene. A strong
mathematical background and/or experience in statistical or connectionist
speech recognition would be an advantage.

Further details from Martin Cooke (m.cooke@dcs.shef.ac.uk) or Phil Green