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response to Rainer Guski

I attempted to send the following response to the email address provided in
Rainer Guski's recent posting, but the message was returned as "undeliverable."
Therefore, I am sending it via the Auditory Discusson List in the hope that it
will reach him and, perhaps, others who share this area of interest:


Liebe Rainer:

Gruss Gott!  Ich habe seine Brief bei der "Auditory Discussion List" gefundet.
Mein Deutsch ist schrecklich, so ich muss auf Englisch schreiben ...

Whew!  I saw your recent posting on the Auditory discussion list and wanted to
contact you immediately for two reasons.  First, I am EXTREMELY interested in
any responses that you get concerning bimodal (i.e. auditory & visual) experi-
mentation.  I am presently working on my Ph.D. in the Dept. of Ethno- &
Systematic Musicology at UCLA in California.  My dissertation project is
designed to investigate the alignment of the auditory and visual accent
structures.  As you can imagine, this requires a clear determination of what,
in fact, constitutes an accent in each modality and then the interaction of the
two when seen as an audio-visual composite.  This is the second reason that I
am writing ... I thought that my current research might be of some interest
to you.

In preparing my literature review, I found that your assessment appears to be
quite accurate, i.e. there is NOT much literature out there.  It was necessary
to turn to the perceptual psychology & physiology literature to determine that
--at least at this level of processing--there is a definite interaction
between auditory & visual stimuli.  I just presented a paper at the 3rd
International Conference on Music Perception & Cognition (Liege, Belgium) that
provides an in-progress report of my dissertation project.  I would be happy
to send you a copy of this and the literature review portion of my dissertation
proposal if you think it would be helpful.

You may reach me at my email address (izzy2of@mvs.oac.ucla.edu) if you would
like for me to send this material.  I will be on vacation until the end of
August, but I hope to hear from you when I return.  I would also GREATLY
appreciate it if you would forward any relevant responses that you receive
concerning audio-visual investigations to this same email address.

I look forward to corresponding with you.

Scott Lipscomb