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Re: Sheffield Meeting

Pierre Divenyi writes (about the meeting in Sheffield on 'Links between
Speech Technol;ogy, Phonetics and Hearing):

> This meeting sounds extremely interesting on several levels. Will there
> be proceedings published, papers collated or posted on the network, or
> at least the abstracts circulated? Some of us will just not be able to
> get to England in January...

We will circulate abstracts but there won't be any proper proceedings. The
meeting was originally intended primarily for the UK community, but it's
clear that we have struck a rich vein. Perhaps there should be some kind of
follow-up, or a more formal occasion with proceedings. What do people think?
- responses to me & I will summarise. There is the proposed Computational
ASA workshop at IJCAI-95 to look forward to of course.

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