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Sheffield meeting '95: OK -- it's two days...

Two day meeting, 5th & 6th January, 1995
Hosted by the Institute for Language, Speech and Hearing
University of Sheffield

Previous messages about this meeting have suggested that we might hold a
second-day workshop.  There has been a lot of support for this, so bowing to
market forces, we're going to do so...
The format isn't fixed yet, but:

For those wishing to attend:

1       We will allow a small-ish number of poster presentations.

These may be displayed from the morning of 5th January, and there will be an
"official" poster session from 9:00 until 11:00 on 6th January.
In this session we will also include Sheffield work which we have had to
move from 5th January to make space.

Please note:
Posters should be kept brief and focussed.  We will not be expecting
polished work; indeed we would welcome more provocative presentations which
serve to catalyse discussion in subsequent sessions...  This is supposed to be
gloves-off, sleeves-rolled-up and possibly even headbands-worn meeting. ;->
If you wish to present a poster, please let us know soon.

2       Discussions will take place at least from 11 to 1 on 6th January

We will have workshop discussions centred around a few 'burning issues'.
Participants might consider bringing an overhead foil or two to illustrate
any points they wish to make during discussions.

3       We must inform the Halls of Residence of requirements by 15 December

If you want to take advantage of student accommodation, at 20.25 pounds per
night, again please let us know soon.

4       Proceedings

Authors are being encouraged to produce papers, at least post hoc, possibly
revised as a result of discussions at the workshop.  No guarantees yet, but
we'll try our best.  :-)

Have fun,


posn.   research facilitator
where   institute for language speech and hearing
        sheffield university
        c/o department of computer science
        regent court
        211 portobello street
        sheffield s1 4dp

vox     (+44) 114 282 5594
fax     (+44) 114 278 0972
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