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Re: Wake-up levels for auditory warning?

In addition to Stephen McAdams reply about wake-up levels,

doesn't this question also relate to phases in sleep cycles?

Further anecdotal remark - recently I had a week when for several days in a
row I was waking at either 3am or 4am  but going back to sleep until
morning within an hour or so.  After a few days I noticed it always seemed
to be at exactly one hour or the other and after looking for possible
reasons in my appartment, eventually realised that I had accidentally set
my watch so that it bleeped once, on the hour - it is so quiet, that
although I had been wearing it all day each day, I hadn't noticed it while
I was doing other things but despite it being some distance away at night
it was apparently sufficient to wake me, but only at around that time.


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