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Interpretation of published earphone frequency response

This is a question that should have an easy answer. Suprisingly, it
seems not to.

SONY specifies the frequency response of its headphones in terms of
frequency range. Normally, I consider the response as within 3dB or
less. However, I cannot find any info from SONY about what THEY consider
the tolerance over the frequency range specified. Anyone know?

Second question. How should we perform an ABSOLUTE calibration on a
circumaural earphone such as the SONY V-6 or V-600? Using a mannikin
does not offer a standard volume into which the earphone works. The B&K
couplers which worked so well for the TDH-39/ MX41A combination will not
work for most of the modern circumaural phones even with the flat plate

Any calibration ideas?
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