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Haunting Melody

I've been working for a few years at a theory of the "haunting melody"
(subjective phenomenon whereby tune gets stuck in the head) from which
I'm trying to deduce other charcteristics of consciousness as it pertains to
music. Essentially I'm picking up where Theodore Reik left off. This is to
be a component of my book-in-progress, based on my Ph.D. thesis, "Music
as Secondary Consciousness: an implementation.") Princeton Press is
supposed to publish the book, if I ever get it finished.

The thing is that although I'm a composer/theorist, not a scientist
(although I have a fairly extensive background in perceptual psychology
and psychoanalysis) I'm interested in subjecting my ideas to more
rigorous criticism, to which end I'm seeking a scientific  correspondant or
two interested in private discussion.

Thanks for any interest,

Eliot Handelman