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Re: An idea whose time has com: NetBib

Rebecca Mercuri <mercuri@GRADIENT.CIS.UPENN.EDU> writes:
>Why not just ask everyone in the group to make a page on their
>website with their paper references

I like Rebecca's idea quite well although it seems to lose the nice
ability to search for keywords, etc. in the "NetBib" proposal.
But wait!  Why not use the existing web search engines to our
benefit?  If we all just put a unique word in our web pages, we
could use AltaVista to search and only find the participating web
pages.  A word like "AuditoryMailingListNetBib" would be a word
that no one else on the web would be using.  Thus when we search,
we wouldn't come up with 100,000's of matches to something like

This would automatically form a distributed database of bibliographies
where each of us would maintain our own references.


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