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Re: An idea whose time has com: NetBib

That's fine, Pierre. But I get a variety of requests to post references
with different groups. And I really am not fond of the idea of having to
keep everything updated every time I write a paper. I really would rather
write papers than write references to papers ;-). I think that Jont's
database will quickly get outdated, and it will be difficult to maintain.
Those people without websites should use that method, those with them,
should just update their own sites. Quite frankly I would rather SEE your
(and everyone elses') paper than the reference, and that is FAR EASIER WITH
A WEBSITE. Mark my words, by the year 2000, we'll have an auditory website
that will link to the members' sites AND all of their papers. Maybe sooner!

Forward thinking,
Rebecca Mercuri.