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Re: BIBTEX format

Jont / List -

>>  I have received MANY responses so far. Check the MIT web site if you want
>>  a copy of the responses I am getting.
>>  Dan, can you remind us of the URL for the MIT site, yet once more.

Past postings to the list can be browsed at:


However, the actual bibliographies that have been sent to Jont are not
there, of course, because they have been sent directly to him and not
to the whole list.  The postings are just the discussion.

On the subject of NetBib, I remember hearing recently of a project
that involved an automatic web crawler that went out and found
PostScript files, then extracted all the citations into a standard
format.  I forget who was doing that work, but it strikes me that they
must have a very useful set of parsing expressions.  Perhaps we can
re-use them.  Is anyone familiar with this work?