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tone matching


I seem to recall seeing an inquiry similar to yours below on
the AUDITORY-perceptual listserv and the responses which
followed from listserv members were very inforamative.  Therefore,
I am forwarding your inquiry to that listserv.

Mary Andrianopoulos, Ph.D.
Dept of Communication Disorders

Could anyone help with the following unique situation? We received this
query at the NCVS this morning and could use your help.

A college student was born deaf, but regained full hearing at age 4 or 5.
He is now interested in singing, but is having intonation problems
(specifically, tone matching). He wonders if there may be an
interconnectedness with his early hearing loss. Any ideas about the
etiology or recommendations for therapy or relevant literature are

Information may be shared via this listserv or sent directly to this young
man's singing teacher as follows:

Julie Ostrem
National Center for Voice and Speech