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sennheiser hd250 linear 2 headphones: additional info

There is a further point which I should have made in my recent email
describing the sennheiser HD250 headphones. Sorry to bother everyone, but I
would hate to mislead by ommission.

The additional point is that frequency response measured in a coupler is
quite irregular below about 210 Hz, increasing by 15 dB down to 100 Hz then
decreasing again by 8 dB down to 75 Hz before reaching a second peak at 30
Hz. The good news is that the situation in a real ear (as measured on four
subjects by Dr. Hirahara [hirahara@ctr.atr.co.jp]) the situation is rather
better: the response increases smoothly by about 6 dB from 210 Hz down to
about 100 Hz and remains flat below that. Once again, I recommend Dr.
Hirahara's JASJ article (vol 53(10)
p798-806) to those interested in selecting a headphone.

bob carlyon

Dr. Bob Carlyon
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