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looking for stimuli to build a www demo of categorical speech perception

Dear list,

I have been asked to try and implement a WWW demo of "categorical
perception" in speech.
Does this already exist? (I have produced myself a very preliminary and
limited java demo on my web site, but it is not worth your wasting time with
I am looking for series of synthetic stimuli to be used in identification &
discrimination tasks.
Ideallly, these stimuli would have been used in one or several published
study(ies) to which I could refer.  It would be great if the stimuli were
digitized but I could manage with a set of parameters for Klatt's
synthesizer. I would love to have, for example, ba/pa VOT continua, in 3 or
4 languages.

(Note: I realize it may nice to include continua of non-speech stimuli,
which produce or not disrimination peaks...)


Christophe Pallier
PS: I am going to be away for three weeks; therefore, do not expect me to
answer email
before mid-august.

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