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Tucker and Davis AP2 board

Dear Tucker and Davis Customer Members of the List,

For quite some time now, we are trying to implement a very simple routine:
take a waveform, break it into chunks (because it is longish, but
definitely shorter than 1 MB), load it into the T&D AP2 board, and play it
out. Well, folks, our two AP2 boards do the same thing: we can transfer
correctly about 2K words (a little more but not corresponding to 4K octal,
either), and then goes haywire -- we hear garbage and, when we dump the AP2
on-board memory buffer, we read garbage.

The question is: is there anybody out there who has successfully done a
similar operation? Although we get a sympathetic hearing at T&D, for well
over a month we have been left struggling with something that smells as
either a hardware or a firmware bug. The firmware idea may be only likely
because both boards act the same way. Of course, it is also possible that
we erred on the programming side although we have checked and tried
everything humanly possible.

Thank you for your help!


Pierre Divenyi             Experimental Audiology Research (151)
                           V.A. Medical Center, Martinez, CA 94553, USA
Phone: (925) 370-6745;     Fax: (925) 228-5738
E-mail :                   PDivenyi@ucdavis.edu

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