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Tucker and Davis AP2

To all those valiant list members who have responded to our SOS signals
concerning the troubles we encountered while trying to program the TDT AP2

Many thanks for your prompt response. In the meantime, we have discovered
some pretty gross errors that slipped into our routines and corrected them.
At a subsequent phase of program development, we would much like to
implement some of the calling sequences some of you sent us.

It is heartwarming to experience such a broad manifestation of willingness
to help.

All the best,


Pierre Divenyi             Experimental Audiology Research (151)
                           V.A. Medical Center, Martinez, CA 94553, USA
Phone: (925) 370-6745;     Fax: (925) 228-5738
E-mail :                   PDivenyi@ucdavis.edu

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