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Postdoc opening at Plattsburgh

Dear List -

I'm posting the enclosed announcement on behalf of list participant
Bill Ahroon.


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Date: Fri, 07 Aug 1998 09:54:56 -0500 (EST)
Organization: SUNY at Plattsburgh, New York, USA

Research Scientist

Anticipated Opening:  Through the Research Foundation of the SUNY

Signal Processing - A Postdoctoral Research Scientist is sought to
join a research group investigating the effects of noise on hearing at
Plattsburgh State University of New York.  We are seeking an
individual with superior signal processing skills to perform complex
acoustic signal generation, calibration, and analysis. The research
may require skills in Wavelet transforms, frequency- and time-domain
kurtosis, higher-order cumulant-based inverse filtering, etc. on any
platform (OpenVMS, Windows, Macintosh, etc.).  Skills in MATLAB,
Mathematica, LabVIEW may be particularly useful. See the papers by
Hsueh and Hamernik and Lei and Hamernik on our preliminary web page
at: http://www.plattsburgh.edu/arl/research/ for a background of our

Competitive salary and excellent benefits and the opportunity to live
and work where other people vacation, in the Champlain Valley of
Upstate New York.  Montreal, Quebec and Burlington, Vermont are in
easy traveling distance from Plattsburgh.

Send letter of application and current detailed resume to the following:

Research Foundation of SUNY
Kehoe Building, Room 701
101 Broad Street
Plattsburgh, NY  12901
Fax: (518) 564-2157

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