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spectral analysis program

Armadillo, a program for real-time or non-real-time time-varying spectral
analysis of musical sounds for the Power Macintosh, is available for
download. You can acquire it by anonymous ftp at cmp-nxt1.music.uiuc.edu,
subdirectory pub/armadillo. The file is called armadillo.sit, and you can
use the utility Stuffit to extract the executable, some documentation,
and a couple of data files. The program operates in real time from
microphone or CD-ROM input and in non-real time from a .aiff disk file.

The objective of the program is to graphically display the spectrum of
the incoming signal in several different formats. In its present form it
does not do processing or synthesis.

The programmer is Timothy Madden, and if you have any questions you can
reach him at tjmadden@uiuc.edu.

Jim Beauchamp
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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