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The central stereo image

Dear list,

Speech recognition is based on our sense of [Binaural] Hearing.
Specifically, the step that permits us to separate speakers from one
another and the environment.

Speech recognition begins with Source data thus, speech analysis must be
preceeded by Source separation.
Source separation is the step in natural hearing that allows us to [focus]
on a source of choice.

Artificial recognition must also allow source focus.
Microphone headsets are an effort to avoid this reality and indicate our
nascent stage!

What if source separation produced source data of a form that present
analysis could not handle?
That is, what if source separation transforms Binaural data sets into
Source data sets and,
        ... those Source data sets were inconsistent with Fourier analysis?

Are we ready for a paradigm shift?

As an initial example of the above ... anyone care to explain WHY we
perceive a central image in stereo playback ?

- Richard Fabbri

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