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Re: applications

At 10:46 PM 9/28/98 +0800, Tim Cox wrote:
>Hello list - my first time participating in list reply so bear with me if I
>have disregarded any list protocol.
>I have been thinking about the discussion with regard to killer
>applications for sonification/binaural recordings. I have noticed that when
>listening to binaural recordings through earphones I can still hold a
>normal conversation and still hear clearly the sounds in the environment
>around me. That is, rather than the recorded sound from the earphones
>interfering with the insitu sound field, it blends with it. Listening to
>conventional stereo recordings where the recorded sound is percieved as
>being inside the head, it is very difficult to hear what is happening
>around the listener, and if conversing with someone while listening to
>conventional recordings, the norm is to shout. Binaural recordings
>eliminate this effect leaving the listener able to hear clearly and to
>converse normally. No one has mentioned this effect - surely there is an
>application here for situations where we desire to hear from earphones but
>at the same time be aware of our audio surroundings, and still be able to
>converse at a natural level if the need arises.

Your suggested applications sound too good to be true. Just a question: Did
you control the left ear-right ear presentation levels of your sounds in
the two conditions? If yes, how?

Pierre Divenyi

PS: The protocol of the list is the absence of protocol.

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