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Re: applications

At 11:52 29/09/98 +1000, you wrote:

The term localisation I refer to is that in a binaural sense - localisation
as opposed to lateralisation. I am also referring to listening to the
television through earphones. If the sound was mono coming into the
earphones localisation would not take place - the sound would appear to
come from the middle of the inside of your head and consequently you would
not be able to hear clearly the sounds around you - such as your wife
calling that dinner was on the table. The point I am trying to make is that
if the sound of the television coming into the earphones was binaural - you
would still get dinner.

>Hmm. This seems strange.
>How would localizing the sound of a television be different
>from making it mono?  - or do you segregate by stereo
>spatial cues and then recombine into restricted regions
>of space.. - or something else?
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