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Position available

Advanced Research Associate:  The Spoken Language Processes Laboratory of the HOUSE EAR INSTITUTE (a private non-profit research institute) has an opening for a full-time scientist to participate in NIH-funded research on auditory, visual, and vibrotactile speech perception and word recognition.  The position is available immediately.  Qualifications include a Ph.D. in a relevant academic area such as speech perception or psycholinguistics.  Candidates with strong background in experimental methods, statistics, and mathematics are being sought.  Competitive salary scale.  Applicants should send curriculum vitae and three references letters to:  Dr. L. E. Bernstein, House Ear Institute, 2100 W. Third Street, Los Angeles, CA  90057.

Paul Iverson, Ph.D.
House Ear Institute
2100 W 3rd St.
Los Angeles, CA 90057
voice: 213-353-7029
fax: 213-413-0950

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