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Re: granular synthesis and auditory segmentation

At 12:39 AM 10/20/98 -0400, Richard J. Fabbri wrote:
>        ... What does "lower-case" research mean ?
>        ... Does this refer to the vast resources of my 1-man company ?
>        ... I admit to being a capitalist but, I've sacrificed much to maintain a
>"current" library
>        and do this type of research on a personally funded budget.
>        ... I DO have very modern resources such as the SHARC DSP and Mathematica
>        but, I assure you, this is the result of careful planning and solid,
>multi-disciplinary training.

This does not serve as an admonition but, rather, as a reminder of a certain stylistic form spontaneously adopted and maintained on this list. The "lower-case" research meant that you are trying to get across with your (interesting and probably valid) points as if a speaker were using a 7-foot tall soap box and, whenever he came to a point he considered important, blared it out at a 120-dB SPL level (at the listener's ear). This is how your frequent use oif upper case enunciated fragments come across to several list members many (if not all) of whom are rather modest when expressing their opinion--as you may see when looking back at the history of the postings (I do save almost all postings because I learn a lot from them).

An advice though: Your ideas being as interesting and even intriguing as they are (you can judge from the response they have generated), why don't you try writing them up and submit them, in article format, to a respectable peer-reviewed journal? If you did this, you would have a whole row of eager colleagues (among those who have been replying so studiously) who would surely volunteer to serve as readers of a pre-print and offer their helpful criticism prior to submission.

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