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spectrogram/sonogram aspect ratio

Dear Listers,

May be this is a silly question but perhaps there is an intelligent
answer to it:

What could from a perceptual viewpoint be regarded as an optimal aspect
ratio for a sonogram/spectrogram? Imagine the frequency axis scaled
logarithmically, so should 1 octave (y-axis) correspond to 1000 ms
(x-axis)? Or to 100 ms? Or to 10 ms?

Your answer might be "That depends on what you want to show with your
figure." But is there any natural choice that would approximately
correspond to the perceptual impression one has while listening to
sounds? If there is no scientific way to prove the superiority of one
aspect ratio, you could give your favorite value. This might stimulate
the discussion, and perhaps we end with a scientific argument.

Best regards,
Christian Kaernbach

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