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Re: spectrogram/sonogram aspect ratio

Dear Christian, dear list

Christian wrote:
>> What could from a perceptual viewpoint be regarded as an optimal aspect
>> ratio for a sonogram/spectrogram? Imagine the frequency axis scaled
>> logarithmically, so should 1 octave (y-axis) correspond to 1000 ms
>> (x-axis)? Or to 100 ms? Or to 10 ms? ...

This topic is coming up again with the assessment of sounds with tonal
Keywords are Fourier-Time-Transformation (FTT) and Part-tone-time-pattern


Terhardt, E.
Fourier Transformation of Time Signals: Conceptual Revision"
Acustica 57, 242-256, (1985)

Heinbach, W.
Aurally adequat signal representation: The Part-Tone-Time-Pattern
Acustica 67, 113-121, (1988)

Heldmann, K.
Wahrnehmung, gehörgerechte Analyse und Merkmalsextraktion technischer
VDI-Verlag, Fortschritt-Berichte, Reihe 17, Nr. 109, 1994

Vormann, M. and Daniel, P.
Detection of tonal components with a model of spectral and virtual pitch
based on the Fourier-time-transformation (FTT)
Inter-noise 96, 1531-1534, 1997

Daniel, P. et alt.
Tonalness and Unpleasantness of Tire Sounds: Methods of Assessment and
Psychoacoustical Modelling
euro-noise, proceedings volume II, 627-632

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