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Cage & Anechoic Chambers

I am interested in hearing the response to Eliot Handelman's query, and just want to enlarge on one point made therein.  I have also not had the experience of an a-c chamber but have been in the Alberta badlands (geographically /geologically related to the Montana ones, I believe).  And certainly one of the most impressive characteristics for me also was the silence -- the clay-type soil seems to absorb all sounds, even one's breathing (I also don't remember hearing my nervous system).  I have never been in a similar place.  Somehow I expect that this creates a different experience from an a-c, but perhaps only in a psychological way -- my impression is that the a-c  would focus the attention on onesself as there would be a high consciousness of a small surrounding space, whereas the Badlands, although an abrupt change from the surrounding prairies with their wide open space  still give a sense of vastness.  (The abundance of dinosaur bones also contributes to a sense of time that makes one's human lifespan seem rather insignificant, further adding to an outward rather than an inward perspective)


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